Dirty Girls Farm

An affordable line of quality all-natural personal and home care products that don't cost the earth!


"Think globally, act locally." 

Since 2012, Dirty Girls Farm has been making artisanal, small batch, all-natural home and personal care products, "That Don't Cost The Earth!"

Rooted in the community, and committed to a lifestyle that supports wellness and celebrates the power of collaboration and cooperation, DGF continues to grow in popularity. Increasing awareness of the benefits of naturally derived ingredients, as well as a desire for products that are sustainably produced, has become a global trend, and DGF is poised to broaden its green living options even further.  

Welcome to Dirty Girls Farm, where our motto is, “Get dirty! Get clean! Repeat!”

Lets have some fun!

The bug stick is AMAZING - no need for messy hands! Ahhh... makes my life just that bit easier. Also loving the soaps, they leave my skin so soft. Thank you so so much!

Happy Customer

Joanna is my go-to for safe, affordable cleaning supplies and DIVINE soaps! She is a huge proponent for the shop-local initiative and is a source for all kinds of green products and knowledge. LOVE Dirty Girls! Great selection·Convenient location·Knowledgeable staff 

Happy Customer

About Us

Joanna Boldt


This all came about by accident. True story.

On December 26, 1990, a trucker’s moment of distraction on Hwy 11 South brought a double fuel tanker truck smashing into the rear end of my brand new fire engine red Toyota Tercel. It pushed my little car into the one in front of me in a chain reaction that culminated in a 14 car pile up, with me being the most seriously hurt, and my new car being a total write off. Among other things, I suffered a shattered right humerus and a broken back. My life was forever changed.

5 years of surgery, drugs, rehabilitation, litigation and insurance company abuse left me drained, and sicker than I was going in. The scars were emotional as well as physical. I was exhausted and diagnosed with irritable bowel, spastic colon, fibre myalgia and chronic pain.

And depression. I was deeply depressed. I felt as if the lost five years and the damage to my back had destroyed whatever chance I had to be a Mom. In a tear filled session with my caseworker in southern Ontario, I confessed my deep grief and my frustrations that more medications, and referrals to support groups seemed to be the only advice that the local medical establishment could provide.

This angel of a man looked me in the eye and promised me, that he would do whatever he could to help me, if I was prepared to do whatever it took, as well. It was an emotional bond and a commitment we both made wholeheartedly. It was a moment that changed my life. Again.

We talked about a life plan. We talked about a health plan. We talked about a spiritual plan. He then referred me to to a life coach, and even though he was a medical doctor, referred me to a a type of Doctor I had read about, but never seen, a Naturopathic Doctor. An ND.

After a couple of intensive visits and assessments with my new life coach, I was excited and registered for a new Wellness and Lifestyle Management Program at a local college for the fall. My new Naturopathic Doctor and I had agreed that the first course of action was a detox to get all of the drugs out of my system, and then a new diet plan that was organic and clean to rebuild my system. I started a workout program to get some strength back into my damaged body, and yoga and meditation to get me more spiritually realigned.

It was a really intensive time, a time of rebirth and renewal. I felt healthy and strong and powerful, and for the first time in my life – in charge.

I graduated at the top of my class, and was hired by the college to teach Stress Management. By the end of my first year of teaching, I was married and pregnant with my miracle baby.


You can find Dirty Girls Farm's quality products at these fine locations:

+ Alderdale General Store, Chisholm    ON  705.724.1497

+ Timeless Staging Estate Sales, Callander ON  705.493.9060

+ On Site Farm Stand  249.358.7777


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